Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is from Glenn Beck's 9/12 project website

This is a quote from a fan of Glenn Beck regarding ACORN. Tells ya how these people think!

"Can you imagine the President of the United States involved with people like this?Just think,these are the lower level employees,imagine the kind of stuff the upper level is up to. A little history: Barack Obama was Acorns lawyer in a landmark lawsuit against a bank for prejudice because they were not giving enough home loans to lower income people. Acorn won,forcing them to give more loans,hence the origin of sub-prime loans,hence the start of the financial crisis."

So what this MORON has said is that the financial crisis was started by ACORN!! No you racist pig, Mr. Obama was helping lower income (blacks, hispanics and yes even white trash!) get loans because people were not qualifying because they were being racially profiled!!!!

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